Tips for Wearing an Undershirt

Wearing an undershirt beneath your dress shirt is important for various reasons. Although an undershirt is one of the most looked over garments, it is very important to the closets of most men. To some people, undershirts come off quite simple as well as boring. However, they are important.

How to wear an undershirt

An undershirt can be worn as a layer. This is because it is thinner than the normal t-shirt. It is designed and made in a way that makes comfortable. This makes an undershirt a suitable clothing item to layer under the clothes. You can also wear an undershirt for warmth. Despite being thing, an undershirt plays a very important role of keeping heat from your body in. Generally, there are many ways of wearing your undershirt. However, you should not show the undershirt for a dressed up appearance. It is important that you avoid showing your undershirt especially when you want to have a more put together or fancier look by wearing a dress shirt.

Pairing undershirt with a dress shirt

A general rule is to always wear an undershirt under a button down dress shirt or a sweater. If you are a comfort-wary person, there are seamless versions that you can choose from. However, some pullovers such as t shirts are better worn without undershirts. V neck undershirts are usually a preference for most men because they guard against sweat. These are available in different sizes making it easier for men to find undershirts that fit them properly.

Wear best-fitting undershirts only

The opening of an undershirt should match the shirt collar size. This ensures that you minimize the visibility of chest hair and the undershirt. It is important to note that your undershirt should never be seen at the bottom of the dress shirt. Showing undershirt looks very sloppy. Generally, there is no standard size for undershirts and you might not have a chance to fit your undershirt in advance especially if you are buying it online. However, you can purchase undershirts in a single pack. Some undershirts will also shrink due to continued washing and drying. Nevertheless, there are undershirts that will retain their fit and shape even after several washing. Generally, an undershirt should fit you properly so that it does not show at any time.


Undershirts are available in different colors but white is usually the best color for undershirts. White is considered as a neutral color by most people when it comes to undershirts. White is also easy to notice when it is stained. It can also be bleached giving the white undershirt its pure white color. People prefer white undershirts because white indicates cleanliness.To find out more information on best undershirts for men click here.

Basically, these are important tips that should guide you when wearing undershirts. Generally, there are many reasons and ways of wearing undershirts. However, undershirts should never show at any time and if they do, they should create a good impression of you. Get in touch with us for more tips for wearing an undershirt.